Great for Football Clubs

Reduce Dirt Being Brought into your Football Club

The AIR-EZE Bootboy ™ system effortlessly removes debris and mud from boots

  • Manchester City

  • Chelsea FC

  • Charlton Athletic

  • Arsenal

  • Crystal Palace

  • Tottenham

Enhanced Club Hygiene

Air-Eze Bootboy™ ensures pristine cleanliness in club environments. It effectively prevents mud and debris from spreading, maintaining hygienic facilities.

Effortless Boot Cleaning

This system offers an easy and efficient boot cleaning solution. Its powerful delivery effortlessly removes dirt, promoting ease of use for staff and members.

Reliable, Cost-Effective

Air-Eze is celebrated for its minimal maintenance and low running costs. Its robust design and unrivalled corrosion resistance guarantee long-term reliability and cost savings.

  • “We have used Air-Eze equipment for many years. Our training facility is world-class, and we expect our suppliers to offer a high level of service. Air-Eze have delivered exceptional service, and their equipment is very reliable.”

    Tottenham Football Club


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    Why Choose AIR-EZE?

    • Industry standard with over 1,400 units supplied cleaning footwear

    • Safe to use – with optimised patented safety Air-Guns

    • Minimal maintenance for Club staff

    • Powerful delivery – cleans Football boots with ease

    • Low running costs

    • Unrivalled corrosion resistance for outdoor solutions

    • 100% duty oil free compressor

    • 2-year warranty

    • CE & UKCA certified

    • Custom design available for larger installations