Great for Golf Clubs

Reduce Dirt Being Brought into your Club

AIR-EZE Fairway ™ golf shoe cleaners keep dirt and debris away from changing rooms, club houses and car parks

  • Royal St Georges

  • Formby

  • St Andrews

  • Royal troon

  • Woodhall Spa

  • Bramhall

  • Worksop Golf Club

  • Saunton

  • St Andrew Links

  • The Hertsmere

Eco-friendly Cleaning

Our AIR-EZE Fairway™ shoe cleaners help your golf club stay green by getting rid of lots of waste. They make sure your golf club does its part for the planet.

Top Club Status

By using AIR-EZE, your club shows it’s one of the best. By showing that extra level of attention and care sets you apart from the crowd.

Quick and Easy Clean-up

These cleaners make it easier for the staff to keep the club looking great. This means they can do their jobs better and keep everything spotless for members.

  • AIR-EZE golf shoe cleaners have provided trouble free operation over the years, and helped to ensure that our club is presented as you would expect for an Open championship golf course.

    Royal St Georges
  • Air-Eze Golf shoe cleaners were exemplary from quote to the install of our new shoe cleaner. The unit looks fantastic, and befits a club of the history and stature of Bramhall Golf Club. A* product and service.”

    Bramhall Golf Club
  • From contacting Air-Eze for getting a quote, to having the shoe cleaner installed has been such an easy and straight forward process. We have had all of our questions answered, and such a quick delivery with no problems, this will be a great addition to our course.”

    Craighead Golf Club
  • Just recently bought an air machine for cleaning shoes and golf trollies from AIR-EZE. They were polite, very professional, quick service and no problem was too much trouble. Excellent service, aftercare and rewarding customer service with their excellent service package.

    Royal St Georges
  • Air-Eze golf shoe cleaners have provided trouble free, stress free service. Helpful friendly staff is always a bonus, and no question was ever too much.”

    Poult Wood Golf Centre
  • Julia made the purchase of our new Air-Eze shoe cleaner so easy. The ordering, delivery and installation of our branded cleaner was quick and super-efficient. Once you have an Air-Eze shoe cleaner, you never want to be without one.”

    Saunton Golf Club
  • Our new Air-Eze shoe cleaning station has been a very positive addition to our club, club members have clean shoes and the club pathways as a result!”

    Silverstone Golf Club
  • Really satisfied with our two new shoe cleaning stations. Brilliant service from Air-Eze, from order to installation.. nothing was too much trouble. Would highly recommend to anyone.”

    South Buckinghamshire Golf Club
  • “We strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience, and we’ve been delighted with the addition of an Air-Eze golf shoe cleaner to enhance the experience of golfer after their round.”

    St Andrews Links Golf Club
  • “The whole experience has been excellent, from helping us to choose the right machine, communication and the chap that installed our new machine. Would highly recommend and wish we had purchased years ago.”

    The Hertsmere Golf Club
  • “Very happy and very please with the Air-Eze unit. Quite a bit more power than the previous one we had, very well received by customers.”

    Verulam Golf Club
  • “We have recently replaced our Air-Eze shoe cleaner, which has served the club well. The replacement service from initial contact to Julia for price and design proof, to final installation has been excellent. Since the new cleaner has been installed, our members have provided nothing but positive feedback on the improvements in cleaning their equipment and shoes. I highly recommend using Air-Eze and will continue to do so in the future.”

    Worksop Golf Club
  • “Although we have only had our new Air-Eze shoe cleaner for 2 days, our golfing customers have been over the moon with it’s performance. Dealing with Air-Eze is as good as it gets, the delivery and installation was on time, combined with the first class service which I would recommend to any golf club looking for a shoe cleaner.”

    Wyboston Lakes Golf Resort


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