Great for contstruction sites

AIR-EZE Boot cleaners keep mud and debris at bay on construction sites

  • Galliford

  • Petronas

  • CNIM

Efficient Debris Management

The AIR-EZE boot cleaner proficiently handles mud and construction debris, significantly reducing the spread on-site and beyond. Its effective cleaning preserves cleanliness in and around construction areas.

Safe and Low Maintenance

Featuring patented safety Air-Guns and requiring minimal upkeep, AIR-EZE ensures a safe and convenient cleaning experience. Its user-friendly design is both efficient and easy to maintain.

Powerful and Economical

The system offers a powerful cleaning performance with low operational costs. Its robust construction with unparalleled corrosion resistance ensures long-term reliability and economic savings.

  • “A company with a real and justified enthusiasm for their product. Sales and support services have been excellent and I have no hesitation in recommending AIR-EZE.“

  • “The after sales service provided by AIR-EZE is second to none. Courteous and very prompt.“


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    Why Choose AIR-EZE?

    • Industry standard with over 1,400 units supplied cleaning footwear

    • Safe to use – with optimised patented safety Air-Guns

    • Minimal maintenance for Club staff

    • Powerful delivery – cleans Football boots with ease

    • Low running costs

    • Unrivalled corrosion resistance for outdoor solutions

    • 100% duty oil free compressor

    • 2-year warranty

    • CE & UKCA certified

    • Custom design available for larger installations