Reduce Dirt Being Brought into your Club

Football Boot Cleaners

The AIR-EZE Bootboy ™ system effortlessly removes debris and mud from boots
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  • Are you facing challenges with dirt and mud being tracked into your football club by players and staff, especially during the rainy season or after matches?
  • Do you need reliable, durable cleaning equipment that optimizes your club’s budget without compromising on quality?
  • Is it crucial for your football club to uphold a prestigious reputation, meeting or surpassing members’ expectations for cleanliness and modernity?
  • Are you looking for efficient, easy-to-maintain cleaning solutions to keep your club’s operations running smoothly without interruptions?

Enhanced Club Hygiene

Air-Eze Bootboy™ ensures pristine cleanliness in club environments. It effectively prevents mud and debris from spreading, maintaining hygienic facilities.

Effortless Boot Cleaning

This system offers an easy and efficient boot cleaning solution. Its powerful delivery effortlessly removes dirt, promoting ease of use for staff and members.

Reliable, Cost-Effective

Air-Eze is celebrated for its minimal maintenance and low running costs. Its robust design and unrivalled corrosion resistance guarantee long-term reliability and cost savings.

Step 1

Get Your Personalised Quotation Today

Embark on the path to a cleaner, more modern football club environment by requesting a free quote today. We recognise the unique challenges and needs of each football club and will offer you a customized proposal, tailored specifically to your requirements, delivered promptly on the same day. This initial step focuses on understanding your needs and how the AIR-EZE Bootboy™ can address them efficiently.
Step 2

Seamless Installation for Your Club

Upon agreeing with our customised cleaning solution, the next phase is streamlined for your convenience. Confirm the proposal and select the most suitable installation time. Our team prioritises your club’s schedule, working diligently to ensure that the installation process causes minimal disruption. Soon, your club will be set to enhance its cleaning standards with the AIR-EZE Bootboy™ boot cleaner.
Step 3

Upgrade Your Club with AIR-EZE Bootboy™

Transition into an era of unmatched cleanliness and member satisfaction. With the AIR-EZE Bootboy™ installed at your football club, the immediate improvements will be noticeable. From securing a spotless clubhouse environment to boosting your club’s commitment to modernity and cleanliness, the advantages of this advanced cleaning solution will be evident to staff, members, and visitors alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Install look like?
Pre-Installation: New units usually arrive the day before Installation. Installation Day: The engineer will unbox and inspect the unit fully to ensure that damage has not occurred during transit. He will assemble the various components, complete all tests, and checks to ensure that the unit is working correctly. He will demonstrate the functionality and correct usage of the unit to all necessary personnel and run through fault diagnosis and maintenance procedures ensuring that all relevant personnel are happy before signing the Unit as ready for service.
What servicing and or maintenance is required?
We recommend an annual service of the AIR-EZE Fairway™ system, this allows us to ensure that the system is kept inline with the AIR-EZE standards achieved by an AIR-EZE certified engineer. In terms of maintenance, the only maintenance that is required from ground/green staff would be to drain the unit once every week or fortnight, depending on usage. This simply involves turning a lever on the side of the unit to ensure that condensation doesn’t build up and affect the units stored volume capacity.
How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

All parts are covered on a 4-year Warranty for all EKOM Compressors, assuming that the installation and annual servicing has being undertaken by an EKOM trained engineer. However, travel and labour are not included.

What happens if we have an issue?
Give us a call on 01527 557006 we are more than happy to provide technical assistance if an issue arises. Often, the issue can be resolved quickly via the telephone. But a visit to site can easily be arranged if needed to keep disruption to service to a minimum.
  • “We have used Air-Eze equipment for many years. Our training facility is world-class, and we expect our suppliers to offer a high level of service. Air-Eze have delivered exceptional service, and their equipment is very reliable.”

    Tottenham Football Club


    Ensure the longevity and peak performance of your Air-Eze equipment with our expert servicing. Regular maintenance not only extends the life of your cleaner but also maintains its efficiency, meeting the high standards of your club and its members. Reach out today to safeguard your investment and uphold your club’s commitment to excellence.

    Why Choose AIR-EZE?

    Choosing Air-Eze means investing in unparalleled cleanliness and efficiency for your sports facility. Their state-of-the-art cleaning systems, such as the AIR-EZE Bootboy™, provide reliable, cost-effective solutions that ensure a pristine environment and enhance the overall experience for staff, members, and visitors alike.

    Patented Safety Air Guns

    Unrivalled Corrosion Resistance For Any Environment

    4-Year Warranty

    CE & UKCA Certified

    Minimal maintenance for club staff

    Bespoke installation designs for larger installs