Compressed Air
Shoe Cleaner

The market leaders in air operated footwear cleaning systems

Enhance the experience of your club members with our FAIRWAY™ and BOOTBOY™ shoe cleaning systems

AIR-EZE are the market leaders in compressed air operated cleaning stations. For over 25 years, we have been supplying our FAIRWAY™ and BOOTBOY™ air shoe cleaners to Golf Clubs, Sports grounds and Construction Sites across the globe. Every golf and football boot cleaner is hand built to order in our UK factory, for delivery nationwide and overseas.

Low maintenance and oil free, our high-quality golf shoe cleaners provide your guests and staff with an enhanced experience – in addition to reducing the cleaning costs of your facilities.

To date we have supplied over 1,400 units to golf courses, sports facilities, and construction sites. Our systems are used all around the world, with custom solutions to meet any requirement. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Why Choose AIR-EZE?

All of our AIR-EZE units are individually hand built to the highest standard, which has now become standard for all of our clients world-wide.

  • Smart Modular Design

    The weatherproof design comes with stainless steel grills. The Zintec steel offers excellent protection from corrosion, and it is further protected with a high grade powder coating. Our standard colours are Golf Green (RAL 6005) and Black (RAL 9005), Custom colour finishes are available.

  • Oil Free Compressor

    For many years we have been using an EKOM oil free compressor at the heart of our units. This 100% duty S1 compressor and tank gives exceptional performance and reliability. The typical lifetime of our units is around 10-15 years.

  • Internal cooling

    The cabinet is designed to draw cool air into the cabinet and vent the warm air out of the cabinet using cooling fans. These fans ensure 100% reliable operation, even in the most testing locations. Our systems are used in the Middle East and Scandinavia, which demonstrate extreme operating temperatures at both ends of the scale.

  • Electrical safety

    The cabinet is equipped with an emergency stop button to easily isolate the system. The compressor is also equipped with a 10 amp breaker and thermal overload for motor protection.

  • Low maintenance

    The AIR-EZE system comes with a 2-year warranty. There is minimal maintenance for the staff, other than checking the system is working correctly and removing the debris from the foot grill – usually a weekly check is sufficient. We do offer an extensive service programme, which complies with all your legal obligations as the custodian of the unit and all equipment.


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    Is the FAIRWAY™ suitable for my club?

    We usually produce one FAIRWAY™ model per golf club, as each machine is capable of managing the needs of around 500 members. Larger or multi-course clubs may require us to install two machines, which allows for greater capacity.

    How is the FAIRWAY™ installed?
    Our system is oil free and fully automatic, requiring only a 13 amp waterproof socket for installation.
    How much does the FAIRWAY™ cost to run?
    Running costs are roughly equivalent to those of a domestic dishwasher – approximately £40 a year.
    Do I need to carry out any maintenance?
    There is absolutely no maintenance required from the club’s perspective. Each machine carries a full two year warranty from date of purchase. Our qualified engineers with contact you annually when a service is due.
    Can I personalise my machine?
    The FAIRWAY™ is available in a range of colours and is supplied as standard with your club insignia on the top and front of the cabinet. Alternatively, a sponsor logo or Centenary insignia can be produced.
    What documentation is supplied with the FAIRWAY™?

    All cleaning systems are operation and compliance tested prior to delivery, are supplied with Quality Assurance Certificates, Health & Safety documentation and Maintenance Instructions. After a service, you’ll be provided with a certificate for both Health & Safety and insurance purposes.

    Our golf club is based outside of UK, how can we get a FAIRWAY™ Cleaning System?

    Our machines are available across Europe and we have a number of units installed in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. We also part manufacture our machines in New York for the USA market, and have supplied a number of units to clubs including the PGA National Resort in Florida and Vancouver White Caps MLS team in Canada. These machines have some different components from the UK units to conform with both UL and CE certifications by territory, therefore the price is upon application.

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    Our compressed air shoe cleaning systems are the perfect solution in many environments. Whether you work in construction, sports clubs, education or leisure, take a look at how we can help you.