Using the AIR-EZE Fairway™ Cleaner at Your Golf Club

25th April 2024

The importance of maintaining cleanliness standards in Golf Clubs has been mentioned in the blogs before. Looking at how it helps to prevent the club from being cluttered with dirt and debris, especially throughout the colder and wetter seasons. It really is something that benefits and attributes to the overall cleanliness and satisfaction of the club.

When AIR-EZE started with the idea to craft premium shoe cleaners that redefine the golf experience, it was apparent that a premium and quality product is what the market needed. From the first unit, all the way to the most recent, quality and performance alongside care and consideration has been at the heart of the AIR-EZE Fairway™ development.

Why Choose AIR-EZE Fairway™?

AIR-EZE, as mentioned, is asserting its place as market leader in the industry of compressed air shoe cleaners. This is mainly down to not only the premium aesthetic look, but the reliability of the unit. In previous blogs, we have discussed the lifespan of the AIR-EZE Fairway™ being around 10-15 years when serviced correctly, this shows the true quality of the product, and the reason it is doing so well.

Our AIR-EZE Fairway™ has a lot of features and benefits that it can boast for a club to benefit from; from the quick release patented air guns, corrosion protected unit and then not to reiterate the 10-15 year lifespan. We also provide a 2-year warranty with the internal compressor and any replaceable parts, to ensure peace of mind.

Safety and Efficiency: The Core of AIR-EZE Cleaners

Our AIR-EZE Fairway™ boasts a handful of safety features, from the emergency stop button, to patented air guns. Starting with the emergency stop button, although commonly mistaken for a simple stop/start button by members, this button (located on the left hand side of the unit front on) immediately stops the unit from dispersing air, and almost puts the unit into limp mode. Secondly, the patented air guns. We have designed these to be completely safe for us by people of all ages, as well as included a mud guard at the front of the gun, satisfying the need/requirement to wear goggles when operating the machine. Lastly, the quick release coupler. Our guns fit into a quick release coupler, that if anything were to happen with the gun and should it need to be turned off instantly, this button can be pressed and the gun will drop out of the coupler.

In terms of the efficiency and low maintenance of the unit, we have had numerous testimonials from Golf clubs that show the ease of the unit being installed and then being allowed to do its job with no need for any intervention.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Your AIR-EZE Cleaner

The AIR-EZE Fairway™ is straightforward and simple to use. The unit comes with a Footbox on the front of the unit, and then a gun on either side. 

A club member would step up to the unit, grasp either gun, place either foot on the Footbox and in a pulse method apply air to the soles of their shoes. Using a pulse method as opposed to just holding down the trigger does two things. One, it allows the gun to apply a burst of air to different locations which then may dislodge it quicker, and secondly, it doesn’t deplete the stored volume as quickly due to it then allowing the unit to restore some stored volume as the user is using the gun. Once the member has cleaned their shoes, they can then start on their trolleys. The club may have a trolley grille (sold separately) to allow for the club members to pull their trolleys onto and then blow the dirt off of the tyres.

Success Stories from Golf Clubs

We have received multiple testimonials from clubs including Royal St. Georges, Verulam and others, all exercising the efficiency of the AIR-EZE Fairway™. We have also had a few testimonials in which within the space of a couple of days, the club’s members and staff have noticed the increase in power.

How Air-Eze Supports Golf Clubs Beyond the Sale

Once the customer has their unit, this doesn’t mean that the support from AIR-EZE stops. We are still on hand at any time to ensure the club has full support if and when they need it, or if they simply just have questions. At AIR-EZE we offer a number of aftercare services, from annual servicing, to breakdown visits and troubleshooting.

We identified very early on that although the unit shows exceptional reliability, it is just as important for the aftercare offering to match the product and the customer service that comes in those initial days. 

With a product such as AIR-EZE, it isn’t just a throw away product that you would necessarily buy for a short time then throw away, it’s an investment that a club is making, so our whole offering to that club has to be genuine and with the club’s best interests and practicality at heart.

AIR-EZE Fairway™: An Investment in Your Club’s Future

A point that we have touched on before, is the investment to the club that an AIR-EZE Fairway™ unit is. We at AIR-EZE understand the market and the position that we currently sit at, but considering this and the offerings that we have.. When an AIR-EZE Fairway™ unit last’s 12 years at a club for example, the club has offered their club members and visitors a premium product, and experience with consistent and reliable results for that length of time with no need for a replacement. 

Combine those points with the cost being split over the length of time that the unit is installed at the club, the return on investment is absolutely massive. Recently we installed a new unit at Macclesfield Golf Club, and their existing unit had been in for 17 years, so it’s proven that with the correct TLC, the units pay for themselves in savings and consistency.

As a member of a club, or even a member of staff at a club.. Have you ever had to sweep up the walkways or car park because of the amount of mud causing inconvenience. Have you as a member or again member of staff ever got in your car and thought.. “For goodness sake, there’s mud all over my floor mat”. If you have, as this is a massively regular occurrence for us to hear about, then it’s time to enquire about the AIR-EZE.


With everything above that has been said about the AIR-EZE Fairway™, this just demonstrates the true calibre of the product. Why settle for less when it’s human nature to always strive for more?

Enhance Your Club’s Prestige and Cleanliness

Discover the difference with AIR-EZE Fairway™! Designed not just to clean but to elevate your golf club’s environment, our premium golf shoe cleaners offer unmatched durability and aesthetics. Ideal for maintaining high cleanliness standards effortlessly, AIR-EZE Fairway™ is a testament to quality and innovation in golf club management. Don’t let dirt dictate your club’s first impression. Find out how AIR-EZE Fairway™ can transform your facilities today.