The Importance of Shoe Cleanliness in Golf Etiquette

16th May 2024

Looking at the subject of etiquette in golf clubs, leads us nicely to the importance of clean and well presented attire and equipment. Looking at the way in which members take such pride in their importance was also another point for us that we discussed being another benefit of our AIR-EZE Fairway unit.

Having clean golf shoes as we’ve touched on in recent blogs is particularly important, and this is also contributed to the availability of spikeless golf shoes, that members may not change out of when they have finished their round. With this in mind, the importance of having clean golf shoes then exceeds the wants of having clean golf shoes at the clubhouse and surrounding areas, but also into the members personal car and potentially home if not taken off.

The Role of Shoe Cleanliness in Golf Etiquette

The cleanliness of golf shoes particularly does show to other members the pride that one another takes in not only their appearance but also in the game of golf.

By having clean shoes and throughout the club house helps decrease the need for regular cleaning and potential carpet repair. As well as those points, ensuring that dirt and debris build up is kept to a minimum can also help with the playing experience throughout, including the course maintenance by not dragging dirt from other areas through to the different parts of the course.

Benefits of Wearing Clean Golf Shoes

In our last blog we touched on the importance of having clean soles of the golf shoes due to traction and stability, this is a direct link to performance. It almost translates to, a clean golf shoe equates to better traction meaning better performance for the round.

From a comfort and shoe health perspective, comfort plays a massive part, and having a big clump of mud stuck to the sole of your shoe for the best part of maybe 3-4 hours isn’t going to be ideal or comfortable. In terms of overall shoe health, the more shoes are looked after and maintained, of course they’re going to last longer.

The aesthetic and impression that a clean and well kept golf shoe gives off is also important, the industry of golf is something of pride and stature, and that’s another thought that always stayed firmly in our minds regarding the performance of the AIR-EZE Fairway unit.

How Air-Eze Can Help

In previous articles, we have introduced the AIR-EZE Fairway™ and the benefits that come with it. The product itself is made from high grade Zintec steel, with a powder coating for outstanding rust and corrosion protection of all elements. Our patented air guns mean that all compliance and H&S requirements are met from an insurance perspective. Now onto the compressor, this S1 rated, 50 litre tank, that has been trialled, tested and continually improved 

If we look at the AIR-EZE Fairway™ and how it addresses shoe cleanliness, it’s really quite simple. The AIR-EZE Fairway™ uses compressed air to blow dirt off of the soles of the shoes, utilising the provided footbox to catch and safely store that dirt until the greenstaff have come to empty it. This prevents any dirt/debris etc from being carried around the golf club or into the club house.

Tips for Maintaining Clean Golf Shoes

In terms of regular cleaning tips, of course this depends on the material of the golf shoe i.e. leather, mesh, synthetic etc. Because the AIR-EZE Fairway™ only uses air and no water element, there is no risk from the airline of the shoes becoming wet or water damaged, or pushing stains further into the material.

Best practices we recommend in terms of cleaning and drying the shoes would be to always blow the air away from the shoe and not towards it, this will then prevent dirt from being blown back onto the shoes and onto other areas. When storing the shoes, ensure the shoe bag or storage compartment is not damp or dirty, this will then allow the shoes to dry and be stored in a dry and relatively odour free zone.

In terms of recognizing when the shoes are perhaps worse for wear is purely down to the wearer. If the wearer is happy to continue wearing the shoes regardless then we would just recommend perhaps being more cautious of wet conditions in which water and wet mud could seep into the exposed areas of the shoes. 


To conclude on the importance of the AIR-EZE Fairway™, the unit is a proven preventative for dirt, debris and other things being carried around the course and other areas of the club. Alongside this, it is also the most friendly way to clean shoes and trolleys to keep them out the way of water damage which can then cause bad smells and other problems further down the line.

Enhance Your Club’s Prestige with AIR-EZE

Elevate the experience at your golf club with the AIR-EZE Fairway™ golf shoe cleaner. This essential tool not only keeps your premises clean but also demonstrates your commitment to excellence and member satisfaction. Don’t let dirt and debris compromise your club’s reputation or your members’ comfort. Discover the difference AIR-EZE Fairway™ can make in maintaining pristine conditions and enhancing your club’s status. Act now to see why leading clubs trust AIR-EZE for their cleaning needs.