Benefits of Using AIR-EZE Fairway™ in Golf Clubs

5 March 2024

Having clean Golf shoes is so important for multiple reasons, allowing the dirt to build up could cause permanent damage to the soles of the shoes, as well as the overall comfort. Golfers on average can spend anywhere up to 4 hours at a given time out on the golf course, so comfort and well-kept footwear is pivotal in ensuring that the golfer has one less thing to worry about.

Introducing our AIR-EZE Fairway™ unit as a solution. Using only compressed air, our AIR-EZE Fairway™ is the perfect fix for a problem that happens on such a regular basis. By using our AIR-EZE Fairway™ unit, the user can aptly clean their shoes and Golf trolley, meaning that all equipment exposed to the elements are clean and not going to be carrying mud into other areas of the club, or the Golfers vehicle.

Enhancing Club Prestige and Member Experience

With the AIR-EZE Fairway™ product making its name as the premium product on the market, it’s easy to see why it elevates a club’s image of exclusivity and high standards, and the impact it has as almost its own additional selling point to clubs attracting and retaining members.

When speaking to a handful of members at local clubs when attending to install or service, the consensus is that they found the AIR-EZE Fairway™ a “brilliant” addition to the club as an additional facility that the club can offer, as opposed to the standard option of a shoe brush.

Adding to that point, we also found with feedback from the clubs that members and guests were happier after the AIR-EZE Fairway™ was installed, simply down to the fact that there was no longer mud present in the changing room, clubhouse, or car park, and as the saying goes… “Clear space, clear mind”.

Testimonials from clubs such as Royal St Georges and Silverstone Golf Club demonstrate and evidence our AIR-EZE Fairway™ and its ability.

Silverstone Golf Club – “Our new Air-Eze shoe cleaning station has been a very positive addition to our club, club members have clean shoes and the club pathways as a result!”

Royal St Georges – “AIR-EZE golf shoe cleaners have provided trouble free operation over the years, and helped to ensure that our club is presented as you would expect for an Open championship golf course. “

Operational Benefits for Golf Clubs

Using the two guns either side of the unit, the user would simply need to remove one of those and use the guns in a pulse action. Using this method, the user can then start the cleaning of their golf shoes and trolley, the footbox placed and attached at the front of the unit provides a place for the users’ foot to rest whilst blowing off the dirt. Trolley grilles (sold separately) also provide somewhere for trolley wheels and other bits to be blown off and fall into the tray beneath the grilles. Once the user has finished using the gun, they can place it back onto the side hook/holder. The system, if needed, will then repressurise and shut off ready for use when at full capacity.

The benefits that come with this process is that the dirt and debris that would have been walked through the club house and other areas of the club’s facilities. The biggest benefit of this is, not only does it keep the club much cleaner, but it also helps in keeping the clubs’ facilities in the best condition possible for the longest period possible.

Maintenance and Durability

As AIR-EZE continues to grow, it is important for us at AIR-EZE to explain to our customer base as to why our product and services have the price tag that they do. An example, on average an AIR-EZE Fairway™ unit when serviced correctly has a lifespan between 10-15 years, depending on usage of course. The lifespan of the unit means that taking into consideration the cost-effectiveness of the AIR-EZE Fairway™, as opposed to the initial upfront cost, makes it a lot more of a long-term investment as opposed to a short-term fix.

The maintenance on the unit is very simple and straightforward, upon installation of the unit our engineers are more than happy to run through the basic maintenance and the frequency in which it needs to be carried out. If anything occurs that is out of the ordinary, then we are always available to arrange an inspection and ensure that the unit is back up and running in no time.

Case Studies: Real-World Impact

In terms of examples of clubs that have benefited from an AIR-EZE Fairway™, we have multiple reviews online.

Royal St Georges Golf Club – “AIR-EZE golf shoe cleaners have provided trouble free operation over the years, and helped to ensure that our club is presented as you would expect for an Open championship golf course.“

Saunton Golf Club – “Julia made the purchase of our new Air-Eze shoe cleaner so easy. The ordering, delivery and installation of our branded cleaner was quick and super-efficient. Once you have an Air-Eze shoe cleaner, you never want to be without one.”

Verulam Golf Club – “Very happy and very pleased with the Air-Eze unit. Quite a bit more power than the previous one we had, very well received by customers.”


In Conclusion, the AIR-EZE Fairway™ has proven its quality, and the improvements that it can make to not just a club’s status, but also to the satisfaction and enjoyment of its members and the staff. With countless reviews, testimonials, as well as features in magazines such as Golf Business and Greenkeeping magazine… It’s easy to see why we are so passionate about encouraging as many clubs as we can to take the next step towards an AIR-EZE Fairway™ system.

Elevate Your Golf Club Experience

Discover the AIR-EZE Fairway™, the ultimate golf shoe cleaner enhancing club prestige and member satisfaction. Perfect for maintaining cleanliness and upholding environmental values, our solution offers effortless and efficient cleaning of golf shoes and equipment. With proven success across top clubs, AIR-EZE Fairway™ is your step towards a pristine, eco-friendly golf environment. Join the elite clubs enjoying operational benefits and exceptional member feedback.